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How the Internet Influenced & Affected Consumer Behaviour?

For the past 10 years,the internet has undergone drastic changes. In terms of popularity,it managed to surpass the traditional media as people have become more dependent into using it. During those times,there’s also a huge shift in consumer’s behaviour. As a result,marketers have turned their attention on how they could utilise the internet to capture people’s interest. Hence,the digital marketing.

This is only the beginning; you can expect a lot more as time goes by. That’s why to fully grasp the extent of the internet’s influence to people,here are some of few facts that are worth knowing.

The Use of Reviews & Research

As consumers,people make use of the internet by going online to research the product or service. This makes it challenging for businesses to persuade people into buying something with the usual sales pitch. With the vast amount of information they have,consumers have relatively become more critical and smarter when spending their money.

Impact of Social Media

A digital strategy training in Hong Kong emphasises the importance of social media in today’s marketing campaign. Why? It’s primarily because this channel proves to have an important role in motivating and converting people into consumers. Interacting and engaging with your brand’s followers can create connection which also influences their trust to your company.

Consumer Awareness

Nowadays,a good and satisfactory customer service goes way beyond the purchase is made. Consumers of today have also become aware of how important after-sales services. If there’s anything they’re unhappy about,they would simply say it through reviews or feedbacks. When these concerns remained unattended,then your brand’s reputation may take a hit.

These are just some of the major changes we see in consumer’s behaviour in this digital age. If you look closely,you’ll see that among the biggest transformation in today’s consumers is they’ve become more critical and observant on whatever they’re purchasing. This is why as a business,it’s your responsibility you need to make an effort on how you can improve and build long lasting customer relationship

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